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Colonies for iPhone and iPod Touch
Gameplay. Tap and attack.
Tap one or more of your towns. Tap the town you wish to attack. Watch your troops as they try to conquer an enemy colony.
First choose the civilization you want to play with. You can do this by tapping the Empire button in the main menu. Choose from Viking, Roman, Maya or Mongol. Then tap New Campaign. The first battlefield will be loaded.

You can see a number of towns on the screen:
  • your towns (flashing a few times when the map loads)
  • other civilizations maps
  • empty town spots (marked with an X)
Viking town Maya town Roman town Mongol town Empty town spot

For each town you can see the number of people in it and the number of peasants (in parantheses). Peasants are important because they harvest crops and help the population grow. A town without peasants grows at a slower rate for a short period of time.

You goal is to colonize all the empty town spots and occupy all other civilizations towns. To start a new colony in an empty town spot you select one or more of your towns and then an empty town spot. You select a town by tapping on it. You deselect a town by tapping it again.

To occupy a colony from another civilization select one or more of your towns and then the colony you wish to occupy. Half of the soldiers and peasants from your selected towns will go and try to occupy the colony. When your army enters the enemy town you will see its population decrease. When the population of the enemy colony reaches zero the town becomes your own.

Be careful not to let your towns with to few soldiers and peasants or your colony might be taken over by another empire.

There's no time limit. You earn points only if you conquer all colonies and win the map. Points are given for every enemy soldier and peasant killed.

To pause a game tap the ingame Menu button. This pauses the computer engine so that it won't start any more attacks. Started attacks however are not stopped. You can see in the background that soldiers who left their towns are still marching towards the designated targets. After every attack is finished the game will wait until you press Continue.
Or watch the whole thing.
You can watch below the 18 level of the Viking campaing.

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